Packaging Of Marijuana In Canada

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Now that the marijuana market is regulated Health Canada hasn’t stipulated the recommended shelf life of the product. Packagingincludes suggested techniques for storage like keeping in a dark, coolplace. Marijuana products do not have expiry date indicated on their labels.

It is believed that will marijuana will degrade eventually like other biological material. Licensed producers aren’t required to avail data since it relates to quality and character of marijuana over time. According to Marijuana Act, expiry date must not be on the label of the container except for license holders for manufacturers have data establishing the period of stability.

Terpenes and cannabinoids naturally degrade over time according to research. This affects the smell, flavor, product effect and appearance. Productintegrity, packaging and storage solutions for marijuana generate opinions from licensed producers, policymakers and consumers. Excessive packaging though criticized since legalization is due to an organization’s compliance with Health Canada’s regulations on packaging.

Having a child resistant container at home such as opaque glass, provides humidity control which is advisable. Safety is crucial in this case though moisture and product quality are paramount. Public safety is of greater importance though. Degradation process is also accelerated by UV rays and such your marijuana should be stored in an opaque or a container that is UV resistant.

Dry flower being a product of marijuana is the most stable. The other products’ integrity is dependent on what they are combined with. If the expiry period is not provided on the product, it is advisable to adhere to the rules indicated on the food product in which marijuana is prepared with. Proper drying and curing is required during the process of production. By removing moisture, OrganiGram is assured that no mildew or mould forms on their products. Induction seals on canisters ensure product integrity for the long term. Modified atmosphere is also a packaging method for shelf life extension for minimally processed and fresh foods. To maintain freshness, marijuana can be sealed with nitrogen

Licensed growers/producers should know their packaging MTVR ensuring no oxygen penetrates packaged products and encourage growth of bacteria. Marijuana’s shelf life can also be extended by adding humidity into containers. Health Canada however does not support allowing external factors in products although this process does not degrade the product. This only enhances consumer experience and this is being addressed with Health Canada cannabis dispensary

Packaging by Canadian producers is for ensuring of maximum shelf life and freshness while conforming to packaging regulations. These goals are achieved through sealing containers by induction and removing moisture by regulation.

Consumers too have a responsibility to preserve product integrity by storing marijuana in opaque containers, humidity packs and child resistant containers. They also have a responsibility to gauge the amount of products they can purchase, consume and finish while in the state of freshness.

At this point it is important to realize that packaging depends on the producers as well as the consumers. The bottom line is however, it must be done according to legislation.

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