Back Issues Become Number One Sports Problem For Professionals

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If you have a scheduled chiropractor meeting, then you might be wondering what will happen at that first appointment. Do not worry, as most people get such kind of anxiety for their first time since chiropractors provide you with relief to injuries and other neuromuscular problems through alternatives to primary health care. You should be relaxed and ready with your personal information. Here is what you should expect during the first meeting.

The chiropractor will engage you in an oral interview to be able to identify your medical history and also the symptoms. The chiropractor will ask you relevant questions about the condition you are suffering from. You will be asked questions such as; when did the pain start? Where is the pain located? How did the pain start? Is it as a result of an injury, for instance, an accident? Describe the pain – is it a sharp pain or mild one?  Is the pain continuous or it comes and goes? Are there any activities that make it worse? Are there any other family members with the condition? All these and any other questions asked will be used to determine what procedures the chiropractor will use on you and how intense they should be. You will also be asked to provide family medical history by filling out a form.

After the interview then is the examination of your condition. This will entail using some equipment and physically manipulate your body as this is what Yaletown massage do. The examinations conducted by the chiropractors are similar to those you will get from other health care providers, and therefore you do not have to be worried about anything. Some of the general tests to be done include blood pressure test, reflexes, respiration, and pulses. Then there is the physical examination which entails checking on your body physically using their various techniques to determine the pain and your neck and spine region which is the region utilized in most of the treatment procedures.

To surely determine if you need the chiropractic services, the chiropractor will subject you to various imaging and lower back tests. To determine the services to be used and the extent of your injuries the chiropractor might use X-rays, CT scans or MRIs to confirm the tests conducted in the examination done above. The diagnoses will help the chiropractor also to categorize the kind of injury that you have. The categories used include; Potentially serious, nerve problem and non-specific.

After the injury has been properly diagnosed, then the chiropractor can be able to make the necessary adjustments to relieve the pain. The chiropractor will use manipulation on the body where the vertebrae is not functioning as required and on the spine. The The Back Doc at Pacific Chiro will design a treatment plan to suit your needs.