Sister Agency In Singapore To Offer Lasik Surgery To Needy LGBT Teens

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The healing process after Lasik surgery occurs rapidly; the healing starts immediately after the surgery. People tend to complain of blurred vision, itching eyes, or fluctuation of the image even months after the surgery. You, therefore, need to regularly go for a checkup by your surgeon or doctor; this will ensure the medical practitioner checks whether the healing is taking place as expected. You can drive a day after Lasik surgery.

A patient who has gone through the surgery ought to go for the checkup for at least six months’ time. This helps the surgeon to monitor the health of your eyes. Most people by the end of the semester will have healed completely. Regularly going for checkups will ensure that your eyes do not have an infection and if there is any, it enables for early treatment.

 In case you experience any discomfort in your eyes like glare, itching, dry eyes, or blurred vision at this period immediately consult the doctor. You do not want to develop an infection, which will finally curtail you from seeing. In case there are problems after the six months the doctor will advise you on whether you will require enhancements to be carried out on your eyes. so that your vision can be sharpened.

You should take care of your eyes at all cost from any injury. Protect your eyes from danger even after your LASIK sg reviews has advised you that you are okay. The eyes that have passed through Lasik surgery are prone to traumatic injuries thus you should invest in the guarding them at all costs. In case you participate in sports by sports glasses or in the case of working in an industry like welding wear safety glasses.

These glasses have the high level of impact resistance; this involves the frame and the lenses themselves. In case they come into contact with an object of great impact, they will not break or bulge thus protecting your eyes. Wear glasses with polycarbonate lenses, which will protect you from bright lights that can cause discomfort in your eyes.

Ensure you continue observing the prescription given to you by the eye center In case he gave you, the eye drops to be using use them even if you feel better. Continue taking omega-3 fatty acids prescribed to you. These prescriptions will help your eyes to recover fast. Ensure your eyes have the right amount of tear film to avoid any pressure in your eyes.

After lasik surgery your eyes are recovering, dust can disturb your eyes, foreign material such as soap can also affect your eyes healing process. Make sure your eyes do not come into contact with your eyes. Also, do not rub your eyes hard after the surgery even if you find them itchy.